Introducing the Roadside Medical Driver Wellness Program...the most innovative program designed to travel with you!

Roadside Medical's Driver Wellness Program gives you simple and easy-to-follow tools and materials to get you on the road to better health (and keep you there!)

Key Features

  • Unlimited One-on-One Telephone Health Coaching
  • Wellness Kit
  • Free 30-Day Health Check ($45 value)
  • Exercise and Nutrition Guides
  • Much more!


Why? Consider Your Truck

You know that it costs less to maintain your vehicle instead of waiting for it to break down and deal with more costly repairs.

The same is true for your body. The Driver Wellness Program helps you maintain your body.


Driver Testimonial

“Roadside Medical has taught me how to eat and exercise while being on the road. I call my coach sometimes 3 or 4 times a week to ask questions and they are always there. They understand how difficult it is, but does not allow me to give up just because I am a truck driver.”


Corporate Wellness Programs Improve More than the Bottom-Line

For Companies

  • Reduce health care costs
  • Improve employee retention
  • Reduce workplace accidents
  • Prevent downtime and lost loads

For Drivers

  • Keeps you on the road
  • Improves your quality of life
  • Increases the length of your life

Interested in our Corporate Wellness Program, contact Bob Perry at 602-692-2734.