Roadside Medical Licensing Program represents an excellent business opportunity for physicians and/or investors to become part of an innovative delivery of healthcare. After 2 years and three and half million dollars in research and development in understanding the needs and menu of services to create a successful business model for the trucking industry, Roadside Medical is positioned for a national roll-out.

About Roadside Medical

Designed specifically for the trucking industry, Roadside Medical launches a national network of retail medical/wellness clinics located at Pilot Travel Centers. Roadside Medical is designed to meet the growing demand of America’s 4 million over-the-road drivers. Roadside Medical Clinics meet the specific needs of the trucker while driving down healthcare costs for the entire industry through Convenient Care Medical Services, Lifestyle, and Wellness Programs, Sleep Apnea and DOT testing. The first locations are located in Cartersville GA, West Memphis TN and Knoxville TN. Roadside is now rolling out national Licensing program to expand locations.

About Pilot Travel Centers

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., Pilot is the largest operator of travel centers in the U.S. with more than 300 locations in 40 states. In 2006, Pilot entered the international market opening a travel center in Tilbury, Ontario, Canada.

Why the health risk?

The job description alone provides a significant part of the answer. Long hours and sedentary, isolated driving eliminates access to most common forms of medical services and exercise for the nation’s 3.4 million truckers. In addition, truckers have typically relied on fast food for the bulk of their diet. It is reported that 73% are classified to be over weight and 32% have high elevated cholesterol levels with only about 10% of commercial drivers regularly participating in aerobic exercise. Compounding the problem, many truckers delay seeking the help they need when sickness strikes. Due to their work schedules 56% percent of drivers found it difficult to make a healthcare appointment when at home and 62% said they had failed to seek out needed health care when on the road working.

Without easy access to medical care, many drivers would put off going to the doctor as long as possible. As for scheduling an appointment, have you ever tried to park a rig at your doctor’s office?

Roadside’s endeavor marks a significant departure from the mindset of traditional transportation health care. By developing health programs specifically for truckers and locating our clinics at Pilot Travel Centers, Roadside Medical will make it easy for drivers to integrate practical health care solutions into their schedules. We give them the health care they need, where they need it, when they need it—and most importantly—at a price they can afford.

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Franchise Owner Testimonial

"After meeting Bob Perry and carefully reviewing the goals of Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab, I felt not only that it was an invaluable investment opportunity to reach an underserved segment of patients, but had an excellent chance of success by meeting the medical needs of people who definitely need quality care,” says Dr. Royce Brough, franchise owner of Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab and founder of The Brough Group International and Hospital Physicians of America, Inc. “Professional over-the-road drivers need to be taken care of just like the rest of society and Roadside Medical’s approach of providing not only medical care, but a comprehensive wellness program is key to keeping them on the road.”

- Dr. Royce Brough
Franchise owner of Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab and founder of The Brough Group International and Hospital Physicians of America, Inc.