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Written by: Bob Perry
7/8/2008 8:40 AM

Wellness Program Updates
First off, I world like to congratulate two of our Wellness Program members, drivers Kay and Dave, both of whom have really taken control of their personal health. For those who missed it, we were back on Sirius Radio on the Road Dog channel appearing on the Lockridge Report with host Evan Lockridge. Kay “Lady Cow-Girl” who originally heard about Roadside Medical and the Wellness Program on Evan’s show came back on and shared her results on-air.

Kay Update
After hearing about us on Evan’s show Kay contacted me and enrolled in the Driver Wellness Program. Kay’s goals were to stop smoking and lose weight.  Good news! Not only has Kay been smoke free for over 40-days but she has also lost 24 pounds!

Welcome New Members
I would like to welcome our new members to the program. Listeners to Evan’s show found Kay’s results inspiring and several new drivers enrolled.

Eating Tip for Everyone
I would like to pass on an eating tip that you we hope you will find valuable. After talking with many of our wellness members that all have a habit of eating carbohydrates late at night, even those who know the health issues it can cause with diabetes.
Here’s the tip; if you are driving late and it is time to pull over for the night, reach for a snack high in protein such as; cottage cheese, turkey, tuna or chicken.

Next Post: Dave Update
Next post I will give you an update on Dave our very first wellness member and his results. Let me her from you with your questions and comments. Look for new clinic locations opening soon.

If you would like to see results like these or want to learn how wellness programs can save your company money by keeping drivers on the road, feel free to email me or call me at 602-692-2734.

Bob Perry
Vice President of Sales
Roadside Medical


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