Our collaborating physician network consists of the following doctors.  Their biographies are below. 

Dr. Royce Brough
Dr. Royce Brough, Franchise owner of Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab and founder of The Brough Group International and Hospital Physicians of America, Inc.
Dr. Royce Brough is the franchise owner of twenty-three Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab sites throughout Texas, Florida, California, Arizona, New Mexico, New Jersey, Mississippi, Michigan, and Oklahoma with options on Costa Rica as well as Central/South America. As a practicing emergency room physician with more than 35 years of experience and founder of The Brough Medical Group and Hospital Physicians of America, Inc., Dr. Brough has experienced first-hand the health challenges that professional over-the-road drivers face while on the road. He founded The Brough Emergency Physician Service in 1977 as an emergency physician staffing company providing services to community hospitals in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas with plans to expand nationwide. Over the years the company has also provided locums emergency physician coverage, ownership of medical clinics, ownership of a community hospital, and other medically related endeavors. Hospital Physicians of America, Inc., The Brough Clinics International, Inc./Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab Franchises, and international expansion of other medical ventures in Costa Ricas are the newest  additions to The Brough Group International.
Recommendation of the late Arthur Guyton, MD:
"In one single word, he is dynamic...the amount of work he has achieved in a few months is as great as many others complete in several years…There is no doubt about it that you do have exceptional ability. Therefore, I predict as great a success this second time around as you had the first time.” Arthur C. Guyton, Past President, The American Federation of Science and The American Physiological Society.

Dr. Greg Elam, MD
Dr. Elam is certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers. He has clinical experience in dealing with controlled substance disorders and has supervised the review of over two million drug tests. He brings a very professional and personable approach to the review of drug tests. The first interaction with someone knowledgeable about substance abuse disorders is likely with the MRO. Therefore, the MRO interview sets the tone for future interactions, giving the MRO the opportunity to provide a positive approach to a shame based condition. Dr. Elam epitomizes the professional but compassionate physician in dealing with drug test issues.

Dr. Denise Hooks-Anderson, MD
Dr. Hooks-Anderson received her bachelor’s degree and graduated cum laude from Jackson State University in Jackson, Miss. She received her medical degree from the University of Iowa College of Medicine. She completed her residency at Lincoln Family Practice Residency in Lincoln, Neb., and is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and National Medical Association.

Dr. David Perlow, MD
Dr. Perlow is a private practice Urologist currently serving as Chief Medical Officer for Georgia Regional Urology, P.C. and Atlanta Vasectomy Center.  Dr. Perlow obtained his medical degree from the Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine (University of Illinois - Chicago, IL).  He completed his Surgerical internship, Surgery and Urology Residencies at the University of Michigan.  In the past Dr. Perlow has served as Chief of Medical Staff, Wellstar Windy Hospital and Chief of Surgery - Promina Windy Hill Hospital.  He is a member of American Association of Clinical Urologists, Medical Association of Georgia, Cobb County Medical Society and Reed Nesbit Urological Society.

Dr. Susan Ward-Jones, MD
Dr. Ward-Jones specializes in family practice and is currently the CEO of East Arkansas Family Health Center, Inc.   Dr. Ward -Jones obtained her medical degree from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where she also completed her internship and residency.  She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine and a member of the Arkansas Medical Society, AMA and Crittenden County Medical Society.